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Guess what? I Got Married!

It has been awhile since I have blogged. A long while! Much of 2012 was busy with work and planning my wedding!

It was a very unique experience to be the bride. I learned so much about myself as the bride and as a photographer by just being on the other side! The ups and downs have made me more appreciative of what brides and grooms go through. Murphy’s Law caught us off guard a few times, that’s for sure!

So, you may be wondering who the elephant in the room was. Stomper was our surprise guest! My sister-in-law and her boyfriend hired him because my husband is an Oakland A’s fan. It was a great way to entertain our guests during Cocktail Hour. He was a hit! It was Stomper’s first time to be hired for a wedding. AND, he wore this tuxedo for the first time. If you or anyone you know loves the Oakland A’s and would want to hire Stomper – go for it! He set the tone for our wedding. It was so fun and memorable. After all the wedding planning, that’s what it’s all about!

Posted on February 20, 2013

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Getting the Perfect Fit

Realce Photography was featured in Engaged and Inspired!

Posted on July 24, 2012

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Greek Orthodox Wedding in San Francisco :: Anastasia & James

Anastasia explained to me a Greek wedding tradition shown above. She wrote the names of her single friends and relatives on the bottom of her shoe. I researched this a bit more online here. I learned that the names that wore off by the end of the evening will get married soon. The names that have not worn off have to wait some more.

The koumbara, which is like a Maid or Matron of Honor, exchanged the wedding rings three times after the priest blessed them. “The exchange signifies that in married life, the weakness of one partner will be compensated by the strength of the other, the imperfections of one, by the perfection of the other. By themselves, the newly betrothed are incomplete, but together they are made perfect.” [Quoted from this website.]

The Stefana (Stephana or Stephania) are Greek wedding crowns that have been used in Greek wedding ceremonies since ancient Greece. They are linked together with a white ribbon, representing the holy union between Anastasia and James.

These crowns were the last ones made by a dear friend who recently passed away. He was also an active member of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco for many years, making this a very special occasion for the church and the family members of their dear friend.

On the right, James drank from the common cup, as did Anastasia.

Anastasia and James held lambathes as the priest led them around the ceremonial table, in a circle, three times. These were their first steps as a married couple. Prayers were recited to seal their union.

This was my first Greek Orthodox wedding! It was so lovely. Congratulations to Anastasia and James!

Wedding Ceremony: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco
Make-up: LeAnne Sims
Hair: Paul Laxton
Flowers: Edmond’s Plaza Florist
Second Photographer: Amanda Lopez

Posted on February 9, 2012

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Lexi - Lovely pictures! Such a cool tradition to write the names on the bottom of the shoe!! :)

Barry Phipps - Very cool. Love the details and the photo journalistic take on this very interesting ceremony.

diana marie photogra - these are beautiful!!

allison @ cheapdanny - Great pictures of the wedding! love the bouquet and the earrings!